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Website Desig - Hobson Masonry Ltd. Orillia launch site

Hobson Masonry Ltd. Orillia wanted to take a fresh approach to marketing their company. In the past they have taken their portfolio from client to client causing wear and tear on their photos and books. Now their craftsmanship can be viewed easily online in the comfort of their client's own home. We have included random testimonials to be pulled from the testimonials section of the website to be displayed on the home page. We also included a select few of Hobson Masonry's collection to display throughout their website, giving the viewer a 'taste' of the beautiful work they do.

Reynolds Design.ca also redesigned the Hobson Masonry Ltd. company logo, visit our 'brand design' portfolio for a closer look.

"Reynolds Design was very thorough in getting our site up and running in a timely manner. We wanted it to be uncomplicated for the average person (techno illiterate's) to use and be able to access various aspects of the site without any frustration and you were able to accomplish that."

~R & K Hobson

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